Contributed talks

You can now download the complete Worker 2015 Proceedings (PDF).

Holger Dell (PDF)
AND-compression: Streamlined proof and an application to counting problems
Markus Dregi (PDF)
Threshold Editing—A modulator based approach
Vincent Froese (PDF)
Kernelization for Degree Sequence Completion Problems Using f-Factors
Travis Gagie (PDF)
Searching and Indexing Genomic Databases via Kernelization
Bart MP Jansen
Constrained Bipartite Vertex Cover: The Easy Kernel is Essentially Tight
Bart MP Jansen
Turing kernelization for finding long paths and cycles in restricted graph classes
Erik Jan van Leeuwen
Polynomial kernel for removing induced claws and diamonds
Fahad Panolan (board talk)
Kernelization complexity of String Problems
Christophe Paul (PDF)
FPT Algorithm and Polynomial Kernel for Linear Rank-width One Vertex Deletion
M.S. Ramanujan (PDF)
Kernels for Preserving Connectivity
Ondra Suchy (PDF)
Extending the kernel for planar Steiner Tree to the number of Steiner vertices

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